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In yesterday’s shoot, VCF’s account says that it seemed Killian was getting information inside the NYC precinct, but I think that he was actually taken in — either arrested or brought in for questioning.

I’m leaning toward arrested, because in these photos, it looks like he’s screwing his fake hand back on. Why would he have taken it off in the first place unless, perhaps, he was detained i.e. had to surrender personal effects? Besides, why would he go in to get info instead of Emma, when he has no experience dealing with cops from our world?

So, what if he had to break in somewhere in order to retrieve the potion for Emma? Maybe the cops catch him lurking or just leaving the area, and since he looked suspicious in his clothes, they brought him in.

I could see a hug coming from a situation like that. Worry, gratitude, whatnot. Maybe.

We also know that Killian holds the potion up as if showing or handing it to Emma - in fact one account says she actually drinks it. Since we know there was another instance of him handing her a bottle, perhaps he had to convince her to drink it (or otherwise use it), that they lost it and he had to get it back, or that it’s a completely different potion.

Also, the way they were talking in the middle of central park kinda looks like a pre-arranged meeting, as opposed to getting there together then stopping for a convo. And in yesterday’s filming, the Henry/Emma scene was separate from the Killian/Emma scene. Do they split up for a large part of 3x12? This would kinda explain why Emma doesn’t go into the precinct - but then again she must have learned somehow that he was in there (but note that she doesn’t go in). TV? Overheard? Does she have a phone and does Killian have her number? Lol.

Finally, and this is a long shot: we know that there may be others in our world who can make potions (e.g. The Dragon). What if our heroes are actually on a hunt for these people/potions, which will ultimately give Emma more power and/or control over her magic? I mean, they have access to this info because the Darling bros would have interacted with Greg and Tamara, right?

Maybe she does this because it’s the only way to save everyone else from whatever curse/danger they’re in. I mean, here in Neverland they’re already really starting to emphasize how she needs to embrace her magic, so IMO it only makes sense for this to continue being a major theme in the coming episodes.

I’m pretty much pulling these theories out of thin air, but w/e, I love speculating!

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    Actually, quite interesting theories… hm!
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    oh me gusta. I agree. thought it was odd with the her not going in/the potion holding/etc. etc.
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    Yes! It is definitely time for Emma to start embracing and exploring her magic. I have a feeling that hers is fueled by...
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    You’re right, he’s got no priors, no identity on record - BUT if they can’t pin him to anything, I can imagine it being...
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    I do think that Emma does that with Henry while Hook’s at the precinct, but it just doesn’t make sense to me that Emma...
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